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Truck Licence in a Day

Is it more convenient for you to do your Truck Licence in 1 day? Well now you can.

How the process works

Our truck driving school is proud to offer a comprehensive range of ‘Licence In A Day*’ training courses for drivers wishing to fast-track their truck licence in Brisbane or Gold Coast.

A 1-Hour Assessment Lesson (highly recommended – included in the price) is usually completed prior to your ‘Truck Licence In A Day’ course. This is to make sure there are no major problems with your driving, that you are comfortable with the truck and that you know what to expect on the day.

Once you’ve completed the 1-hour assessment, we schedule your driving test and practical truck driver training at our training facility on the Gold Coast, which is located 50 minutes from Brisbane CBD. In some cases, we can come to your place of business.

The Heavy Vehicle written knowledge test must be completed (if required) at the Department of Transport and Main Roads before they will issue your licence. A $23.10 fee applies, which is payable directly to Department of Transport and Main Roads.

You can practise for the written knowledge test online, but you must visit a Department of Transport and Main Roads customer service centre to take the official test.

Note for those who want to obtain an HR (Heavy Rigid) or HC (Heavy Combination) unconditional licence (non-synchro gearbox) licence

If you already hold an unconditional MR (Medium Rigid) or HR (Heavy Rigid) licence and want to upgrade to a higher class, our Licence In A Day training option can be a relatively simple process. You can use an automatic or synchromesh truck for the practical driving test and still end up with unconditional licence. This is because you already have demonstrated the ability to drive a heavy vehicle with a road ranger/crash gearbox.

If you do not hold an unconditional MR or HR licence, please talk to us. Although the ‘Licence in a Day’ option is not available for this licence class (unless you have a lot of prior experience), we can certainly arrange an HR Condensed Training or HC Condensed Training Course over a 3-7 day period. This is the recommended option when learning how to use a road ranger/crash gearbox.

*No driving school can guarantee an outcome for you and it is unethical to advertise to that effect. Extra charges will apply if further training is required.

For more information on our one-day courses, please click below:

LR Licence In A Day
A Light Rigid Licence is a relatively easy drivers licence to obtain. It covers you to drive small trucks (up to 8 tonne GVM) and mini-buses, such as Toyota Commuters, Coasters, Mitsubishi Rosas and most small motorhomes.

MR Licence In A Day
An MR Licence covers you to drive any vehicle with 2 axles (1 steer and 1 drive). This includes motorhomes, buses, trucks, tow trucks and local freight vehicles. This licence offers good job opportunities for local freight deliveries, removalists, car carriers, tow trucks and bus drivers.

HR Licence In A Day
The HR licence, the highest class of licence you can obtain from holding a car licence, gives you the best employment prospects. The heavy rigid licence covers you for tippers, concrete agitators, coaches and buses, tow trucks and freight deliveries.

HC Licence In A Day
An HC truck licence covers you to drive trucks with a single trailer (commonly called a Semi-Trailer). This includes prime movers, truck and dogs, pig trailers, floats and low loaders.

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