Practical Driving Test

Test Booking Process

  • Our Preferred Method is to collect the booking fee from you when you come for your lessons. We can then book your test for you without delay. The cost for this service is $66.30 (inclusive of GST and service fee).
  • Alternatively When you are undertaking your written knowledge test at the Department of Transport and Main Roads you can pay your test booking fee of $60.25 (including GST). We recommend not to book the test just pay the fee as the truck you want to use may not be available at that time.

Saturday Tests are available

Note: TMR have temporarily suspended Saturday testing due to Covid-19.

All Saturday test fees must be paid directly to The Driving School; they cannot be paid at Department of Transport and Main Roads.

A Saturday Booking fee is $149.20 (inclusive of GST and service fee) as TMR charge extra for this service.

Once a Saturday test has been booked with the Department of Transport and Main Roads, it is unable to be cancelled or refunded. You will forfeit your booking fee if you are not able to attend.

It might be cheaper for you to do your driving test on a Saturday than lose a day off work!

This Practical Test Booking Fee covers the cost of the Driving Examiner from TMR and the upgrade of your Licence. It does not cover the use of our vehicle and trainer on the day for your warm up drive and test. Please note that The Driving School’s fees for your warm up drive and test must be paid for 3 days in advance prior to the test day.

What to expect on your Practical Driving Test

All Queensland tests are conducted by a Driving Examiner from the Department of Transport and Main Roads (excluding MC).

On the Day

  • You will need your existing driving licence with you
  • Please wear enclosed shoes, no thongs or barefoot
  • If you have a medical certificate it needs to cover the class you are applying for
  • Yellow licence application form (we can provide this)

Outline of the Practical Driving Test

On the day of your Practical Driving Test, we will conduct a warm up drive with you. This lasts approximately 45 mins. This time is used to settle your nerves and to just getting you comfortable with the controls in the truck and cover any topics or manoeuvres.

At this stage you should be ready for your practical driving test without requiring any verbal instruction.

After the warm up drive our instructor will wait with you until the Driving Examiner is ready to take you out for your practical driving test.

LR, MR and HR Tests

For the classes of MR and HR your driving test will last approximately 60 minutes (LR approximately 30 minutes). It will include a reverse and a hill start (the hill start maybe incorporated into normal driving manoeuvres i.e. stopped at traffic lights at an uphill junction).

HC Test

For HC you will be expected to drive for up to 90 minutes. It will include coupling and uncoupling the trailer and a reverse.

After you have passed your Test

You are not legally allowed to drive a vehicle of that class until you have been into the Department of Transport and Main Roads and upgraded your licence to show the new class.

If you are undertaking a Saturday test, The Department of Transport and Main Roads does not open at the Weekends. You will be unable to pick up your new class of Licence until Monday Morning.

There is no additional charge to have your upgraded licence re-issued (the cost of this was included in your booking fee)

Your licence will be re-issued with the original expiry date that you already had on your previous licence.

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