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Do you drive cranes on the road? Are you aware of changes made to the UD Licence Class?

Building Crane

From 1st January 2016 you will need to have obtained a Heavy Vehicle licence to operate a crane over 4.5t GVM on a public road. With the former UD licence class no longer issued and not valid after 1st January 2016.

The Department of Transport and Main Roads will no longer offer the UD Licencing Class, to come into line with Licencing in other states (UD was a Qld issued Licence only).

Any new mobile crane drivers (operating a mobile crane of 4.5t GVM) will need to obtain the appropriate class of heavy vehicle Licence from the outset (with no new UD licences being issued since 1st January 2014).

Existing crane operators have until 31.12.15 to transition to the appropriate class of truck licence.

We would always recommend a HR (Heavy Rigid) Licence

* The practical driving test is exactly the same for HR as MR

  • HR covers more than 8t GVM with more than 2 axles
  • An operator will need to have held their car licence for 2 years or more to obtain a HR (1 year for MR)

With the HR Licence, a driver has the choice of 2 licence options; depending on what gearbox the crane has fitted.

HR Condition B Licence

In most cases, the HR Condition B Licence will suffice. This licence has a gearbox restriction to automatic and synchromesh.

If a person holds an open car licence, he has the option of using our automatic or synchromesh truck for the test and the licence outcome would be exactly the same.

If you already have experience driving cranes, we do not envisage that you would need a lot of training. It could be as little as 1 or 2 lessons to brush up on any bad habits and gain an understanding of what the Driving Examiner is looking for.

We also offer the HR Condition B Licence, as a Licence In A Day, if this is more convenient for you, this can also be done on a Saturday.

HR Unconditional Licence

This licence is an open/unrestricted licence.

Training is undertaken in one of our crash box/road rangers where a driver has to double clutch to change gear. Once a driver has obtained the licence they would be licenced to drive any type of Heavy Rigid Vehicle. This is by far the best licence, and the highest that you can go to from a car licence.

With The Driving School you can have as many or as little lessons as you need, this can also be booked as a condensed course. After the first lesson the instructor will make a recommendation for the number of lessons required prior to taking a practical driving test.

Written Knowledge Test

If you already hold the UD Licence class, you would not need to undertake the written test, as this was already covered when you obtained your UD Licence.

If you need any more information we recommend visiting the HR (Heavy Rigid) Licence page or if you would like to book a lesson,  please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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