How quick can I get a driving test?

We can get you a driving test very quickly as we have prearranged driving tests allocated to us by Transport and Main Roads Queensland. For MC vehicles and NSW heavy vehicles we conduct the driving tests at our truck driver training facility at Arundel on the Gold Coast so there is no test booking required.

Can I do a driving test on a Saturday?

Normally, Yes. However, TMR have temporarily suspended Saturday testing due to Covid-19.

Trainees should also be aware that once a Saturday test has been booked with the Department of Transport and Main Roads, it is unable to be cancelled or refunded. You will forfeit your booking fee (TMR charge extra on Saturday) if you’re not able to attend.

Can I do my truck written knowledge test (theory questions) on the internet?


However, you can practice the road rules test online before you go in to sit your test at
(This can be done after your practical test if it’s easier for you.)

I have not done my written knowledge test (theory questions) can I start my training?


As you’re already a licence holder and you are just upgrading your drivers licence, you’ll have to find the time to undertake your learner’s some time before your practical driving test.

I don’t need any lessons, I just want to do my test

We do not do cold tests — at a minimum (if you are short of funds) we would still do an initial assessment lesson, to ensure that you are test-ready. If your driving is up to the required standard after the initial assessment lesson, then we could drop your warm up drive before the practical driving test, thus saving you some money.

By doing it in this way, there is time to address any problems that you may have with your driving and we can try and allocate some extra training time should you need it. It is not a good feeling for a trainer to be on a warm up drive with a student who he knows is not good enough to pass a practical driving test.

For example, the cost of two driving tests (MR) is $612.60 (2 lots of our charges and 2 booking fees) and you are no further ahead. It is much more cost-effective to have two lessons and a driving test at $506.30 and make sure you are at the required standard to pass the practical driving test.

With proper tuition you should alleviate any bad habits that you have and be ready for your practical driving test. Moreover, you are also taking responsibility for yourself to make sure that the roads are a safer place for everyone that uses them.

I am going to the mines — what truck drivers licence should I get?

We’re often asked which HR (Heavy Rigid) licence should be obtained before applying for work in the mines. The most popular licence is a HR B condition although most of the large dump trucks are automatic. However, this is down to you to do your research. Some mines require an HR Unconditional Licence and some don’t.

Do I have to use the clutch when I am driving a vehicle with a road ranger gearbox during my practical driving test?


If you change gears without using a clutch you’ll lose a point. If you do that five times, you fail your test!

How much does my truck drivers licence cost when I have passed my practical driving test?

The cost of this was covered when you paid your booking fee to the Department of Transport and Main Roads. Your truck drivers licence will be reissued with the original expiry date on your licence. There will only be a charge if your licence is actually due for renewal around the date of your practical driving test.

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