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LR Light Rigid Truck Licence

A LR (Light Rigid) Licence is the next class up from a car licence. You must have held a car licence for at least 12 months to be eligible.

What can I drive? Rigid Number of Axles GVM
icons-lr 1 2 More than 4.5 t GVM but not more than 8 tonne GVM or that is built or fitted to seat more than 12 adults (including the driver)

There are 2 types of licence

Licence Conditions Explained

Important Information

Your current licence makes a big difference

Qualify for your LR Licence

If you’re looking to drive a small truck or travel around Australia in a motorhome, you’ll be needing your LR Licence. At the Driving School, we can train you up and get you moving quickly with our flexible Light Rigid Licence courses.

Our Government-approved training organisation in Arundel on the Gold Coast offers nationally recognised truck driving courses for every type of heavy vehicle on the road – including entry level LR driving licence courses.

We offer fast and efficient LR Licence training, via a number of training pathways including individual lessons and a Licence in a Day option, at our state-of-the-art training facility, which is just a 50-minute drive down the M1 from Brisbane CBD. In some cases we can come to your place of business for group training.

Whether you’re based on the southside of Brisbane, on the Gold Coast or in northern New South Wales, the Driving School is conveniently located for you to obtain your LR truck licence.

What can I drive with a LR driving licence?

A LR vehicle is defined a motor vehicle with a gross vehicle mass of over 4.5 tonnes to a maximum of 8 tonnes (no axle limit) – or any vehicle that seats more than 12 passengers (including the driver) to a maximum of 8 tonnes.

This is a relatively easy Licence to obtain. It covers you to drive small trucks (up to 8 tonne GVM) and mini-buses, such as Toyota Commuters, Coasters, Mitsubishi Rosas and most small motor homes.

Note: even though you need a LR Licence if you are driving a vehicle carrying more than 12 people (including the driver), for testing purposes you cannot use a vehicle under 4.5 tonne GVM, such as a Toyota Commuter.

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What do I need to obtain my LR Licence

  • You must have held a Car Licence, provisional, probationary or open for at least 12 months
  • You must also pass the Department of Transport and Main Roads written knowledge test ( Click here to practice ) and the on road practical driving test
  • If you currently have a Medical condition on your Licence, you need a medical certificate for the class of licence you are applying for
  • If you are going to use your LR Licence to drive a bus, you may also need to obtain your driver’s authorization from TMR

You may also be eligible for your MR License or HR Licence

LR (Light Rigid) Manual Licence

How many lessons will I need? (on average, providing you have good current manual skills)
  • Between 4 – 6 using a Manual (Synchromesh) Vehicle
  • There is no minimum or maximum lesson requirement
  • We just recommend you take lessons until you feel confident, test ready and employable.
  • On completion of your first “assessment” lesson it will be possible to give you an estimate of what your lesson requirement will be.
How much will it cost?

* If using your own vehicle $80 per hour GST exempt plus Travel

Other associated costs:
  • Mid-week Practical Driving Test Booking Fee $61.60 incl GST
  • Saturday Practical Driving Test Booking Fee $141.00 incl GST
  • Written Knowledge Test $23.90
Job Opportunities
  • Coaster bus – Kindergartens, Schools, Aged Care Facilities, Backpacker Hostels
  • Commuter buses of more than 12 seats (including the driver)
  • Airport transfers
  • Small trucks 4.5 – 8 tonne GVM eg. Bread truck, dairy truck

You may also be eligible for your MR License or HR Licence

LR (Light Rigid) Automatic Licence

  • At the present time, we have no LR automatic truck in our fleet. However, we do have an MR Automatic or an LR Manual option for you
  • Alternatively, we can train you in your own vehicle (must be over 4.5 tonne GVM)

You may also be eligible for your MR License or HR Licence

LR Licence in a Day

LR (Light Rigid) Condition A and Condition B only.

Cost $350 GST exempt

Licence in a Day is an option that is available to you, if you are busy working and struggle to find the time to do the lessons. You can take a day off work and focus on the job in hand.

This is not our preferred method of training but it can be convenient.

With the option of Saturday testing, you may not even have to take a day off work

Breakdown of Cost:
Price includes:
  • 1 hour Assessment Lesson
  • 2.5 hours of training (breaks as required) plus your actual practical driving test (approx. 30 minutes).
  • Our vehicle to use during these allotted times
Price does not include:

Other associated cost:

  • Mid-week Practical Driving Test Booking Fee $61.60 incl GST
  • Saturday Practical Driving Test Booking Fee $141.00 incl GST
  • Written Knowledge Test $23.90
Outline of Process
  1. It is recommended that an assessment lesson is done 7-10 days prior to your Licence in a Day (included within the price).
    This is necessary to:-

    • a) Assess your current driving ability and make you aware of any “habits” you need to rectify before the day of your practical driving test.
    • b) To ensure you feel comfortable in the vehicle you are going to be driving
    • c) To ensure that the Licence outcome you are going to achieve is what you actually need.
  2. We book your driving test and the rest of the training you need into our diary at a time convenient to you
  3. Return on the scheduled day (we will remind you) to finalise all of your training and undertake your practical driving test with a Driving Examiner from the TMR
Licence in a Day – no prior Assessment Lesson

It is possible to undertake all your training on the same day, combining the assessment lesson, the practical training and the driving test altogether.

However, this is at your own risk and it is not our preferred method – it is a lot of money to invest in a day course if this is not a suitable pathway for you to get your LR Licence. An assessment lesson gives you an opportunity to see what is actually involved and it gives your trainer the chance to verify that this training pathway is the best way of achieving a first time successful outcome for you.

No driving school can guarantee an outcome for you and it is unethical to advertise such. However, we will try our best!

Booking Process

To book the Licence in a Day you can complete the online enquiry form or call our office on 07 55378101 or 0406 539613. Our office staff will then organise your training schedule with you.

To confirm the booking we will need your Driving Licence number and you will need to pay the practical driving test booking fee.

Please see full details of our payment terms and conditions .

Please be aware that you may also be eligible for your MR Licence in a Day , or HR Licence in a Day

Tips about this Licence

The practical driving test lasts for approximately 30 minutes unlike the MR and HR slots which are approximately 1 hour.

A Light Rigid Licence is quite a restrictive licence from an employee / job seekers point of view.

From an Employers view, it can aid staff retention.

You may also be eligible for your MR License or HR Licence

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