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Truck Licence in a Day

Is it more convenient for you to do your Truck Licence in 1 day? Well now you can.

Outline of Process

1 Hour Assessment Lesson (highly recommended – included in the price) usually done prior to your “Licence In A Day”, just to check there are no major problems with your driving and that you are happy with the truck and know what to expect.

After this we book a driving test for you and then all of your practical driver training and test is done on the same day.

The Heavy Vehicle written knowledge test must be completed (if required) at Department of Transport and Main Roads before they will issue your licence at a cost of $23.10. This fee is paid direct to Department of Transport and Main Roads. You can practice the questions on the internet but you physically have to go to a Department of Transport and Main Roads customer service centre to undertake the real thing.

Note for those who want to obtain HR or HC unconditional licence (non-synchro gearbox) Licence

If you already hold an unconditional MR or HR Licence and want to upgrade to a higher class, Licence In A Day can be a relatively simple process as you can use an automatic or synchromesh truck for the practical driving test and still end up with unconditional licence. This is because you already have demonstrated the ability to drive Road Ranger/ Crash gearbox.

If you do not hold an unconditional MR or HR Licence, please talk to us. Although the Licence in a day option is not available for this licence class (unless you have a lot or prior experience) we can certainly arrange a HR Condensed Training (Link to HR Condensed Tab) or HC Condensed Training Course (Link to HC Condensed Tab) over a 3-7 day period, which works much better when learning how to use a road ranger / crash gearbox.

* No driving school can guarantee an outcome for you and it is unethical to advertise as such. Extra charges will be applied if further training is required.

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